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EPL Highlights

Liverpool won the Premier League “six pointer” with a late Roberto Firmino goal against Tottenham Hotspur.

Firmino’s last minute goal put the Reds on top of the league by three points after a closely-fought encounter at Anfied.

“Yeah, I thought it was a good game – very tactical and probably what you expected a little bit in terms of us dominating with the ball, creating chances and then [we] get done on the counter in the first half,” said Jordan Henderson.

“We’ll be disappointed with that because we knew that was the case, but overall I thought the performance was outstanding. I thought we dominated for large periods with the ball, we created some good chances and never stopped – kept going right until the end and got the winner which I think we deserved.”

Jose Mourinho believed his side should’ve left with at least a point.

“If it was a draw, I wouldn’t be jumping with happiness, because the draw would be the minimum for what we did,” he said.

“To lose it is hard, but we lost. We had chances in the moment they were suffering. Of course, I know it’s a word people love, possession, but for me it’s not (about) possession, it’s what you do when you have the ball, how dangerous you are when you have the ball, and in the second half, we got in the face of the goalkeeper two or three times, and we have to score to win the game, period. There is no story.

“Score the goal, three points, go home and no more talk. I’m disappointed because we deserved much more, but that’s the way it is.”

Reds defender Trent Alexander Arnold poked fun at Jose Mourinho’s pre-match thoughts with a post on Twitter.

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