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Footballers v Hollywood

If you had to bet on whether Hollywood actors earn more than footballers we guess you’d bet on the actors earning more!

But you’d be wrong..  The traditional Hollywood bets with massive salaries have been overtaken by the spiraling salaries that footballers are commanding.

Taking the top five winners from Hollywood and footballers we have compiled a top 10 that illustrates how box office footballers are in this current day and age.

Cristiano Ronaldo – R1764m

Little surprise here to see the former Manchester United and Real Madrid player topping both lists with eye watering earnings last year.

Lionel Messi – R1714m

Much like the ‘Greatest Footballer’ debate that will rage for years to come, there’s little to split the prolific Argentine and Ronaldo.  In the end it’s chump change when you consider the amounts involved!

Neymar – R1575m

The Brazil and PSG superstar comes in third place with his endorsements and salary in Brazil keeping him just off the pace of the top two on the list.  Much like the race for the Ballon D’Or!

Dwayne Johnson – R1363m

The Rock is big business and it’s no surprise to see him leading a star-studded Hollywood contingent in the earnings stakes.

Ryan Reynolds – R1114m

Reynolds continues to be big news in Hollywood and his recent movies including Netflix hit 6 Underground see him perched high up on the overall earnings list.

Mark Walhberg – R904m

Ben Affleck – R857m

Vin Diesel – R841m

Mo Salah – R579m

Kylian Mbappe – R557m

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