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LeBron James will lead the LA Lakers against the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals in what will be the superstar’s 10th appearance at the showpiece stage.

James has a mixed record with four wins so far but many of those Finals appearances have come with the underdog tag.

Against his former team, James will be hoping to continue the form showed this season.

“I never had a problem with any team I went to The Finals (with),” he said.

“I’ve always been confident that we had the ability to win. If you’re going to a Finals saying you’re undermanned or you feel like you don’t have enough, then who are you? The game is won between the four lines, not won on paper. At the end of the day, when I’ve lost in The Finals, the better team won because they played well, they were more prepared and they did what they needed to do to win those four games.

“When I’ve won, the same thing. I’m not here to talk about the talent we all have, the team that we have. The game is won in between the four lines, 94 feet. The team that is prepared and the team that executes, the team that is not careless throughout 48 minutes will give themselves a chance to win each and every game. I’m confident going into this Finals, as I’ve always been in my career.”

The Lakers start match 1 as favourites. Bet here!

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