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You want to play your Lucky Numbers with, but are having difficulty knowing which numbers to choose.

Picking winning numbers for the RSA Powerball, UK 49s, Gosloto Russia 5/36 and Gosloto Russia 7/49 is about getting the best lotto results and maximum payouts from your Lucky Numbers play. 

So what strategy to people employ to find their lucky numbers? 

Obviously numbers that are personal to you and your family and loved ones is a great place to start.  Birthday date and birth month are hugely popular numbers for people selecting winning lottery numbers.  The only limitation is that you are restricted by their being a maximum of 31 days in any given month and 12 months of years. 

This can often be seen in smaller lottery payouts due to more winners when lower numbers are drawn, but fortunately this isn’t a problem when you play your Lucky Numbers online as you are guaranteed a fixed payout depending on the type of bet that you take and not limited by the pool payout.

If you’re looking for higher numbers to add into your Lucky Numbers selections then your age or the age of your family members is an easy way to find those numbers over 31.  You just might not be able to play your grandfather or grandmother’s age in draws where there are only 49 balls in the draw!

Another question to ask yourself is whether you view the number seven as a lucky number.  We all know the casino games universal sign for winning is the 7-7-7 coming up and this can be linked to all the important number sevens out there including the seven continents, seven seas and seven wonders of the world to name a few.

Using numerology to find your Lucky Numbers

This is another popular method for finding and selecting winning lottery numbers is to use numerology.  There are a number of ways to do this but the two most simple ways are to allocate a number to each letter of the alphabet.

You can either number every letter in the alphabet from A=1 to Z=26 or you can number each letter from A=1 to J=9 and then start over by wrapping around and numbering K=1 and cycling through the rest of the letters of the alphabet like that.

This allows you to spell out the names of your family members, beloved pets or anything really and come up with meaningful and personal Lucky Numbers to play on a variety of daily lotto draws.

This method is very popular with a lot of Lucky Numbers players and is a great place to start in selecting your winnin numbers. 

We will continue this series by looking at more in depth ways to pick your numbers with more complicated examples like picking your determination number, appearance number, espression number, karmic numbers, recurrent numbers, destiny numbers, maturity number, challenge numbers, significant years and many more.  Keep coming back to the SportPesa blog for more about our daily lotto draws and the ways to play your Lucky Numbers!

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